AJ Tomas

Technology. History. Healthcare.

University of Chicago Alumnus - Econ + History

Researching digital health @ Dipper Partners

Business & Strategy @ Talklet (CNVC '20)

Skills: Excel, PowerPoint, SQL, Tableau

Let's talk! aebjohn.tomas@gmail.com


Full Portfolio

Imagined Digital Communities

To the Cloud & Beyond: Public Cloud in 2020 and Predictions

From Fans to Friends: Shotcall's Seed Round

Teladoc-Livongo Merger


TechTeam Ideathon 2021

What Happened When Redditors Took on Wall Street with Kara Swisher & Chamath Palihapitiya

For the Culture: AI & Agency

MergerSight: Analyzing the World's Most Interesting M&A Transactions


Against Edenism by Peter Thiel

"Technology means doing more with less. In the absence of technological progress, we end up with a zero-sum world, in which there must be a loser for every winner."

Yelp has revived intimate capitalism by John Paul Rollert

"The internet now polices capitalism in the way that word of mouth around town once did, and while it lacks something of intimate capitalism’s promised social stigma for bad behavior—when I leave negative feedback for SqueekeePants27 on eBay, I don’t know who he is and neither do his friends—anonymous capitalism nonetheless more immediately, and implacably, doles out economic justice to commercial miscreants.

Marc Andreessen's interview with Noah Smith

"Software is our modern alchemy. Isaac Newton spent much of his life trying and failing to transmute a base element -- lead -- into a valuable material -- gold. Software is alchemy that turns bytes into actions by and on atoms. It’s the closest thing we have to magic."